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Notes on Web Framework – Part 1

Notes on Web Framework – Part 1

It feels long enough I’m digging on programming world especially on web programming, but seeing the rapid changes on the Information Technology the urge to learn new technology seems increasingly important. But before jump to the new topics on programming I want to review my programming experience on web framework.

The first topic when I’m jump into serious programming world is web. Web programming is relatively easy compared to low level programming that need fully understanding on computer architecture. Also web programming is really popular because the demand is so high.

Here is my notes on web framework :

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) 

HTML is the very basic and core language for web programming.


To make our website has dynamic content (do not need to manually update code to change the content). We need a server side scripting to enable the application read content from database, so the content is not static on document but load from database.

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  1. Pengenalan yang menarik, kalau bisa lebih di detilkan lagi bagian-bagiannya, kayaknya singkat banget.

  2. Saya adalah seorang pemula yang tertarik mempelajari teknologi informasi menggunakan PHP, Python, dan Javascript. Dan juga mempelajari beberapa web framework yang basisnya ketiga itu.

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